Sustainability and Procurement


It's All About Responsible Sourcing

We invite all of our existing and future suppliers to join us in our effort towards a world-class approach to sustainable procurement. Our global supply chain and the thousands of suppliers who support our efforts are a critical component of the Monsanto vision to Produce More, Conserve More and Improve Lives.

Sustainable procurement yields positive impact for farmers and the broader society by enabling agriculture’s ability to produce more on the same footprint of land while conserving other natural resources. We are committed to help improve lives by procuring goods and services that promote excellence in environmental, ethical and social principles. The following five core values guide our sustainable purchasing efforts.

We encourage you to read Monsanto’s Sustainability Report around our global sustainability efforts.

Monsanto Sustainability Report


Our Core Values of Sustainable Procurement

Produce More
Source products and services that enable farmers to sustainably produce an abundant, high-quality food supply.

Conserve More
Source products and services that utilize natural resources more efficiently while influencing our internal stakeholders to make decisions that promote sustainable behavior across our supply chain.

Improve Lives
Ensure our sustainable procurement programs contribute to improving the economic success of farmers and their families in all parts of the world and build trust within the communities we operate.

Be Accountable
Hold ourselves and our suppliers responsible to promote sustainability excellence in social, environmental, ethical and economic principles.

Be Leaders
Lead the agricultural industry and set an example for a responsible way to do business that puts sustainability first and sustains the great things we do for society.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We recognize our suppliers around the globe play a key role in achieving sustainability goals. As a result, we actively support them in their efforts to improve the sustainability of their business and execute our key values in sustainability.

Monsanto requires suppliers to commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based upon our commitments to both society and the environment. We encourage all existing and potential suppliers to explore our guidelines for compliance.