Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is core to who we are at Monsanto. The safety of our products, people, and communities has, and will always be, a top priority. No resource is more valuable to a company than its people, and that is why Monsanto works to ensure that our people are safe on and off the job.  As important is the safety of our products, which go through rigorous review before we take them to market.

Promoting health, safety and well-being

Our employees are our greatest assets, and their health and safety are of the highest priority. To this end, we’ve invested in several world-class health, safety and wellness initiatives. Our sites are governed under our environment, safety, and health (ESH) policies, which encourage the active involvement and representation of employees through ESH councils or committees. Approximately 95 percent of our workforce is represented on ESH committees.


Monsanto’s focus on safety extends beyond our work sites. During the past several years, our off-the-job safety (OTJS) efforts focused on in-person safety events, reaching more than 2.1 million people around the world. To reach an even larger audience, we incorporate the use of social media in our community safety outreach efforts, and in fiscal year 2016, we reached approximately 7 million people globally. In March 2016, Monsanto and the American Red Cross announced a three-year partnership, with Monsanto as the exclusive sponsor of the American Red Cross First Aid app, available throughout the United States.

The app includes videos, fact sheets, Red Cross first aid tips, a quiz, and an opportunity to receive a social media badge. As part of this sponsorship, we are providing content for the app’s new rural safety section, which incorporates our Growing Safely video series and covers more than a dozen safety topics, ranging from ATV safety to child safety on the farm.

Together, the American Red Cross and Monsanto, through our connection with farmers, seek to increase app downloads in rural communities. This potentially life-saving app is a vital preparedness tool that may serve as the first line of support for communities without immediate access to emergency medical services.

Learn more about our work supporting on and off-the-job safety and health.

Technology and product safety

Our dedication to product safety encompasses responsible management of technologies and products from concept to discontinuation. We have a team of more than 500 scientists assessing the safety of our products and communicating the results to regulatory authorities and the public around the world. 

We believe a critical step in ensuring the safety of our products is transparency. That is why we publish standard product safety summaries, which includes information about molecular characterizations, food and feed safety assessments, compositional analysis and nutritional assessments, and environmental safety assessments.

We also regularly publish our research. Since 2000, Monsanto has published more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies about product safety. Click on a topic to access some of our studies:

Developing products

Before any of our products ever reach the market, they undergo an extensive and thorough process to ensure their safety and effectiveness. This starts in our own labs and facilities and ultimately involves years of review by multiple regulatory agencies. Biotech and crop protection products are some of the most studied products in the world.

A key part of preparing our products for commercialization is developing effective product stewardship programs. Monsanto’s product stewardship programs follow the industry-wide Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) initiative. Among other things, participation in ETS includes third-party auditing of our biotechnology stewardship policies and practices. In 2016, Monsanto achieved ETS certification in Europe and South Africa for biotechnology-derived plant products, and for insect-resistance management (IRM) in Argentina, Australia and Canada. By 2018, we expect that all of our global biotechnology-derived plant product operations will be ETS certified.

We engage in product stewardship initiatives through other organizations as well, including the American Seed Trade Association, CropLife International, EuropaBio and the International Seed Federation.

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