Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Biotypes

Monsanto actively investigates and studies weed control complaints and claims of weed resistance. When glyphosate-resistant weed biotypes have been confirmed, Monsanto alerts growers, and develops and provides growers with recommended control measures, which may include additional herbicides or tank-mixes or cultural practices. Monsanto actively communicates all of this information to growers through multiple channels, including the herbicide label,, supplemental labeling, the TUG, media and written communications, our website, and grower meetings.

Growers must be aware of and proactively manage for glyphosate-resistant weeds in planning their weed control program. When a weed is known to be resistant to glyphosate, then a resistant population of that weed is by definition no longer controlled with labeled rates of glyphosate. Roundup agricultural herbicide warranties will not cover the failure to control glyphosate-resistant weed populations.