The Benchmark Study

Long-Term Research Study Initiated to Improve the Sustainability of the Roundup Ready® Technology

This study is a cooperative effort of research scientists from six universities across the Midwest and South to evaluate the long-term sustainability of Roundup Ready Technology. The Study began in 2005 with the conduct of a survey of growers across the states who were long-term users of Roundup Ready technology. Following the survey, field studies were initiated on large acreage plots comparing best practices as defined by the academics to standard grower practices. This in-field part of the study, with approximately 120 sites, is continuing and now in its fifth year of research. A second survey was conducted in the winter of 2009-2010 to compare to the responses of the earlier survey and document how grower perceptions and practices have changed. The information posted in this section is based on the original survey and in-field data that has been summarized.

Study Objectives

  • Determine growers' current tillage practices and herbicide use patterns and their perceptions of changes in weed pressures and problematic weeds after adopting Roundup Ready cropping systems.
  • Evaluate the sustainability and profitability of grower herbicide programs compared to university based herbicide programs for Roundup Ready cropping systems.
  • Assess the risks of Roundup Ready cropping systems for the development of weed community shifts and glyphosate-resistant weed populations.
  • Develop recommendations that can improve the sustainability of Roundup Ready cropping systems. 

Results & Discussion