A Message from Hugh Grant:

Sustainability is a journey that presents a constant but welcome challenge: how can we push ourselves to achieve even more? How do we feed a growing planet in a changing climate?

These are tough questions, and we must collaborate to find answers. We grow better together.

That’s why we work with farmers, researchers, nonprofit organizations, universities, NGOs and other businesses to share expertise and ideas and collaborate on important sustainability efforts.

Monsanto recently advanced important sustainability goals, and we will continue working hard to become a more sustainable company. We are committed to reporting in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative and supporting the recently released United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We remain committed to the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, filing our communication progress and taking affirmative actions to address these critical areas. I encourage you to learn more by reviewing our 2015 Sustainability Report: Growing Better Together and related web pages.

Hugh Grant
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Our Approach to Sustainability

Our long-standing commitment to sustainability spans three broad areas: People, the Planet and our Company. Sustainability is embedded in our core business strategy, operations and products as evidenced by our goals and progress in these areas. Our approach encompasses these key principles:

  • Act Ethically and Responsibly
  • Advance Product Stewardship
  • Create a Great Work Environment
  • Drive Agricultural Innovation
  • Embrace Collaboration and Transparency
  • Engage Communities and Society
  • Improve Food and Nutrition Security
  • Preserve and Advance Biodiversity
  • Reduce our Operational Footprint

Key Sustainability Goals:

To put our approach into action, we have established goals in the following areas and are reporting progress against them to support the advancement of sustainable agriculture.