Monsanto employees who work in St. Louis are proud of their city and everything it has to offer. It’s where they work, where they live and where they’ve been raising families for generations.

Maybe one of these employees is your co-worker, your neighbor or your friend. Maybe you don’t know them at all. Whatever the reason, take some time to get a glimpse into their lives in St. Louis. See what they do in and around our community, what they do for fun and how they see Monsanto – and themselves – helping St. Louis grow.

Why St. Louis is the best city in the universe

About a month ago, BuzzFeed published an article heralding Chicago as “second to no city.” We, respectively, disagree so allow us to present…why St. Louis is the best city in the universe (yes, universe)

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The best restaurants to grab a hamburger in St. Louis

We've compiled our favorite St. Louis restaurants that we feel make some of the best hamburgers ever.

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6 great winter outdoor activities in St. Louis

It may get pretty cold in St. Louis during the winter months but there is still plenty to do outside. Bundle up and check out the top outdoor activities in the St. Louis area as suggested by Monsanto employees.

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10 ways to escape the cold and beat cabin fever in St. Louis

We surveyed Monsanto employees on their favorite ways to beat cabin fever during the cold winter months in St. Louis. The following are the top destinations and activities that anyone can enjoy in St. Louis to beat the winter blues.P>

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With respect to the time period prior to September 1, 2000, references to Monsanto also refer to the agricultural business of Pharmacia. For more information on our corporate history, click here.