A message from Valerie Bayes, K-12 STEM Outreach Lead:

As an educator, you’ve taken up the challenge of transferring the knowledge you have to young people with different interests, learning styles and backgrounds. As a technology company, we can’t thank you enough for developing the next generation of scientists, engineers, analysts and robotics gurus who will be asked to come up with solutions for the challenges facing our planet.

Between grading papers, putting together lesson plans and preparing for standardized tests (piled onto your additional roles as advocate, peacemaker, nurse, custodian and best friend) who couldn’t use some extra time and resources? Responding to feedback I’ve received at educator workshops and conferences, we created this site as a sort of “one-stop shop” for teacher resources related to science in agriculture.

This site contains everything from podcasts we selected to listen to on your commute to work, research papers for debate preparation and lesson plans for hands-on exploration. Most of the resources are accompanied by video demonstrations or handy animations, and all of them have the goal of lowering the activation energy needed to teach concepts in science and modern agriculture.

No one knows your classroom or your students better than you, and we’re learning new things everyday. If there’s a resource idea you have, or would like to share something cool you’re already doing in class, please send us your feedback here.