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Quick Westbred Facts
  • WestBred Assets was acquired by Monsanto in 2009.
  • Develops high quality wheat and other small grain varieties.
  • WestBred breeder varieties received the Wheat Quality Council’s Millers Award for Best New Variety in 2010 and 2009 for WB-Stout (hard red winter) and Samson (hard spring) respectively.

WestBred specializes in the development of small grains germplasm with assets in all classes of wheat. 

WestBred's varieties are based on one of the leading sources of small grains germplasm and proprietary seed genetics in North America – resulting in a diverse selection of high-performing and locally adapted varieties of wheat. Each year WestBred's team of breeders and scientists evaluate thousands of wheat candidates, then deliver the newest high-yielding and high-quality varieties to meet the needs of the industry and our growing planet.

WestBred varieties are licensed and sold through a nationwide network of more than 100 licensed seed companies.

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