Warrant Herbicide

Now labeled for Preemergence use.

Quick Warrant Facts
  • Provides increased crop safety for cotton and soybeans
  • Offers control of ALS and glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • Reduced concern about drift and tank clean out.

Warrant® Herbicide as Part of Your Weed Management Strategy

The key to effective weed management is the use of numerous tools, including burndown, residual and post-applied products. Warrant Herbicide can be a key component of your weed management system—plus it qualifies for Roundup Ready PLUS™ incentives, making it affordable and effective.

Features & Benefits

  • Acetochlor-based preemergence and postemergent residual herbicide for use in cotton and soybeans
  • Provides outstanding residual control of Palmer pigweed, waterhemp, lambsquarters, nightshade, foxtails, and other small-seeded grasses and broadleaf weeds
  • Apply within a wider window that includes early preplant, at-planting, preemergence and postemergence (through first flower in cotton and up to R2 growth stage in soybeans)
  • Encapsulation technology provides improved crop safety potential with preemerge and postemerge applications
  • Strong residual control, up to 30 days
  • Can be tank-mixed with Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides