Soybean Pipeline

In 2012, the world consumed 181 million metric tons of soybeans as a source of protein. That’s the most ever, and up 100 percent since 1997. With current population trends and a growing middle class’s demand for more protein, the world will need more soybeans.

With this as a backdrop, Monsanto is working on various projects that will aim to help farmers produce more soybeans by protecting the soybean’s production potential from weeds, bugs and diseases. Our soybean pipeline has projects that are designed to: provide herbicide tolerance in soybeans, which will enable farmers to control weeds in soybean fields; provide protection against bugs that eat the soybean plant; and deliver improved soybean oils.

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Commercialization of pipeline projects is dependent on many factors including the successful conclusion of the regulatory process.

2015 Soybean Pipeline Brochure

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