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Monsanto is committed to ensuring that our products contribute to a safe, healthful and reliable global food supply. Our families and our communities rely on us and the many science experts involved in testing and reviewing the safety of the crops we produce. We take that responsibility to heart.

We are proud to share information about biotechnology’s role in agriculture and our food supply, as well as product safety and benefits. We invite you to explore the links below.

The Science Behind Our Products
Learn more about breeding, biotechnology and agronomic practices - the three pillars of our product research.

Monsanto Product Safety Summaries
Biotech crops have been tested and reviewed more than any other crop in the history of agriculture and have been shown to be as safe and nutritious as their conventional counterparts. In addition, each of Monsanto’s biotech traits has undergone many years of research, field trials and comprehensive testing before submission for regulatory review.

For each biotech trait, Monsanto provides a product safety summary that includes information on molecular characterizations, food and feed safety assessments, compositional analysis and nutritional assessments and environmental safety assessments. This information summarizes data reviewed by regulatory authorities around the world. Links to peer-reviewed scientific publications on food, feed and environmental safety of each commercialized biotech product are also provided.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assesses the safety of food and feed products grown from genetically modified (GM) crops; this includes a review of nutrition composition and potential presence of allergens. For more information on how Monsanto, specifically, establishes biotech crop safety, please see: