Roundup Ready PLUS®

Weed Management Solutions

Weed resistance is a growing problem. And regardless of where you farm and what weed control product you use, a single herbicide mode-of-action is simply no longer adequate to protect your yields and long-term profitability.

That’s why Monsanto created Roundup Ready PLUS® Weed Management Solutions – to allow farmers to maximize the benefits of their Roundup Ready® crops.

We joined forces with farmers, weed scientists and others in the industry to develop Roundup Ready PLUS®, a set of best management recommendations to control glyphosate-resistant weeds where they exist – and reduce the risk of developing them where they do not.

Good weed control is an essential part of farming, as it can impact the crop’s ability to reach full yield potential. This is why farmers look at several things when making decisions about weed management.

  • Efficacy of the weed control system
  • Yield and/or financial costs involved
  • Convenience
  • Sustainability

Roundup Ready PLUS® places an emphasis on using residual herbicides, from Monsanto and other companies, to provide the best pre and post combination to manage tough weeds. By combining best management practices with the right products, farmers can:

  • Provide effective weed management
  • Improve on-farm productivity
  • Sustain the environmental gains of conservation tillage

And that’s the goal of Roundup Ready PLUS® Weed Management Solutions. To learn more, visit