Roundup PowerMAX

Roundup PowerMAX: Powerful, Consistent Weed Control

Quick PowerMAX Facts
  • Specially formulated with CROPSHIELD
  • Consistent performance you can see
  • Weed to weed and field to field control.

Roundup PowerMAX is a Roundup agricultural herbicide formulation that offers powerful, consistent weed control. Its enhanced consistency of control has been proven on hard-to-control weeds such as velvetleaf, lambsquarters, purslane, kochia and morningglory.

Features & Benefits

  • A key component of Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions
  • The latest formulation offers the powerful weed control you would expect from the Roundup Agricultural Herbicide brand family.
  • Offers enhanced, consistent weed control, weed to weed and field to field, even hard-to-control weeds such as:
    • Velvetleaf
    • Purslan
    • Morningglory
    • Lambsquarter
    • Canada Thistle
  • Has consistently outperformed imitator herbicide products in greenhouse and field trials.