Regulatory Approvals for Genetically Modified Squash

In the United States, all required government agencies have reviewed the safety and granted the necessary authorizations for sale and animal and human consumption of the GM virus-resistant squash hybrids currently on the market.

In Canada, the approval process is similar to the United States for growing, importing, sale and consumption of virus-resistant squash. Currently, Canada has authorized the sale and human consumption of these products.


IMPORTANT: Produce Marketing: Seminis squash hybrids with virus-resistant biotechnology traits are authorized for planting and growing in the United States and produce grown from the seed is approved for sale and animal and human consumption in the United States and for sale and human consumption in Canada. No additional government approvals authorizing import or planting has been obtained in any other country. Produce can be sold in the United States and Canada for fresh consumption only. It is a violation of national and international laws to move biotech seeds, plants and produce into nations where not permitted. See the current Squash Technology Use Guide for detailed stewardship information.

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