Genuity RIB Complete Products

One-Bag Refuge Solutions: Now Available in Two Products

Farmers now have two products available for simplified refuge on their farms: Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® and Genuity® VT Double PRO® RIB Complete™.

These single-bag products eliminate the hassle of planting a separate structured refuge. With Genuity® RIB Complete™ products, the appropriate amount of refuge seed a farmer needs in corn-growing areas has already been blended in the bag -- with the Bt seed.

That means with one bag of seed, farmers plant their refuge and their corn crop. That means they no longer need to plant a separate refuge for their corn crop. That means refuge compliance is on Monsanto's shoulders, not farmers'.

It's efficient. It's convenient. It's ensuring insect resistance management

Learn more about our Genuity RIB Complete products:

Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete: The industry’s first single-bag refuge solution for U.S. farmers in the Corn Belt. But it not only brings simplified refuge, it also provides U.S. farmers with the broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground insect protection, as well as herbicide tolerance.


Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete: The second Genuity RIB Complete product to market is a blend of 95 percent Genuity® VT Double PRO™ and 5 percent refuge seed, delivering the lowest refuge in the corn-growing area* for above-ground insect protection. 


How does Monsanto produce this single-bag solution for growers?

Watch the video below for a look at how we produce Genuity RIB Complete products -- and hear why the simplicity is important to farmers.

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*Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete is not targeted toward the cotton-growing area. If a grower plants this technology in the cotton-growing area, that grower would need to plant an additional 20% structured refuge.

Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, completing federal regulatory authorization in the U.S. Commercialization is pending individual state authorizations and notifications, as required.