REA Hybrids

We Know the North!

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Quick Rea Hybrids Facts
  • A brand serving growers in North and South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota .
  • Sells corn, soybean and alfalfa seed.
  • Headquartered in Aberdeen, SD.

Rea Hybrids provides customized service to farmers in North and South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota with corn, soybean and alfalfa seed.

Rea Hybrids is committed to building trusted relationships with customers and their families. By getting to know farmer customers, Rea Hybrids' ability to make the proper product selections increases. These relationships, combined with sharp regional focus covering the Northern Plains, results in a seed brand that truly cares about – and can contribute to – the success of each farmer it works with.

  •   Farm: Rea spends time on the farm, listening to customers’ needs and asking the right questions. The Rea Hybrids team delivers you information, tools and recommendations that focus on your best interest. 
  •  Growing Conditions: With hands-on agronomic expertise and local field testing, the Rea Hybrids team can help choose the right products for our unique Northern growing conditions.
  •  Preferences: From our broad selection of seed, trait and packaging options to our flexible delivery, Rea Hybrids offers seed solutions tailored for your operation.
  • Community: Since 1971, Rea Hybrids has been a part of your community. Rea Hybrids DSMs and Dealers are passionate about serving the communities in which we live.