Product Stewardship

Product stewardship is something as a company, Monsanto takes very seriously. Whether it’s ensuring environmental standards are not only met, but exceeded or protecting the safety of our people and communities, Monsanto’s stewardship commitments are a top priority.

The following are areas of focus for Monsanto and initiatives are set in place to ensure Monsanto is at the top of its game for stewardship in all areas.

  • Seed Dealer Stewardship Policy: Seed dealers that are authorized to sell seed containing Monsanto patented technologies are responsible to clearly communicate Monsanto’s stewardship policies to employees, especially those who manage seed and customer seed sales. Market research confirms that growers listen to their seed dealers and retailers when it comes to stewardship. Dealers are integral in communicating not just the importance of proper stewardship but also educating employees and customers on Monsanto Stewardship Policies.
  • Stewardship and The Pledge: Meeting Monsanto's high stewardship standards, and operating with integrity in accordance with our Pledge values.
  • Product Stewardship Safety: The legal, ethical and moral obligations to ensure our products and technologies are safe and environmentally responsible.
  • Insect Resistance Management: Insect Resistance Management (IRM) Grower Guide on the seed bag, IRM Refuge Calculator, Technology Use Guides (TUG) and educational materials for U.S. growers to ensure everyone is compliant with requirements.
  • Monsanto’s Glyphosate Endangered Species Initiative: As leaders in the stewardship of Roundup agricultural herbicides, Monsanto has a stewardship program called the Glyphosate Endangered Species Initiative. This initiative depends on Monsanto working in partnership with growers and applicators.
  • BIO Product Launch Stewardship Policy and Self-certification Letter: Monsanto's commitment to implementing the "Excellence through Stewardship" program and Product Launch Stewardship Policy.
  • Seed Patent Protection: Patents, like copyrights, are a form of intellectual property protection that legally prohibits unauthorized duplication of a product. In agriculture plant varieties and seeds with enhanced biotech traits may be patent protected whether soybean, strawberries, flowers etc. Monsanto is one of many seed companies that patent their innovations and enforces its patents is to ensure a level playing field for the vast majority of honest farmers who abide by their agreements, and to discourage using unpaid technology to gain an unfair advantage.