Product Stewardship Safety

Product stewardship is the legal, ethical and moral obligation to ensure our products and technologies are safe and environmentally responsible. Product stewardship is a component of Product Life Cycle Stewardship, which also includes management of market impacts associated with product introduction, stewardship of products in the marketplace and effective discontinuation of outdated technology.

We establish policies, guidelines and processes, and perform continuous safety, environmental and market impact assessments, to steward our products through the product life cycle:

  • pre-market stewardship includes project and technology program reviews, best practices, standard operating procedures, and quality control reviews all contributing to the assurance of food, feed and environmental product safety and quality;
  • post-market stewardship centers around ongoing research and product monitoring, satisfying conditions of registration or regulatory approval, product safety concerns management, licensee management, any question or issue that might arise after product launch, and product discontinuation.

Our audit and compliance programs verify implementation of our stewardship processes over that complete product life cycle and validate effectiveness of the stewardship program.

Monsanto's global stewardship organization and systems include the key functional and business elements in the company.

Consistent with the Monsanto Pledge, we are committed to making product scientific and safety information available. In addition, the bibliographies identify Monsanto as well as third-party resources in this area.

If you believe you have information about a specific Monsanto biotechnology product that has caused a safety concern, please report this information to us.