New Platforms Pipeline

Technological advances are happening as fast in agricultural equipment as they are with smart phones and personal electronic equipment and other industries. Planting equipment is becoming more precise, giving the farmers the opportunity to plant corn, soybeans and other seeds at a uniform depth across a field.

We are learning more about how understanding field-level data—such as studying what’s the best seed for a particular field, the recommended number of seeds that should be planted in an acre, and how weather and climate could impact agronomic decisions—can help farmers maximize their crop-producing potential.

And we’re learning more about agricultural biologials, which includes microbials, plant extracts, beneficial insects and other materials, and how they may deliver more precise and sustainable tools to increase crop health and productivity.

It’s an exciting time for new technology in agriculture, and Monsanto is looking forward to delivering new products to help farmers.

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Commercialization of pipeline projects is dependent on many factors including the successful conclusion of the regulatory process.

2015 Biologicals Pipeline Brochure

2015 Climate Pipeline Brochure

2015 Advancing Products
  • BioDirect® Technology
  • BioDirect® Technology Insect Control: Colorado Potato Beetle - Phase 2
  • Climate
  • Climate PRO™ - Upgrade
  • Climate Basic™ - Upgrade
  • Precision Planting: SpeedTube - Launch
  • Precision Planting: vSet Select - Launch
  • Microbials
  • Microbials: Enhanced Corn & Soy Inoculants - Phase 2
  • Microbials: Corn & Soy Bioyield - Phase 1