Science Behind Our Products

To meet our 2030 commitments Monsanto has adopted a new vision for agriculture built upon three pillars. These pillars are advanced breeding, biotechnology, and improved agronomic practices. When all three components are fully integrated, we can provide the best tools and technology to farmers so they can meet the goals of feeding, clothing and fueling the world.


Breeding is largely focused on improving the overall genetics of a crop by using technology to identify the most powerful plant breeding stock.

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Biotechnology, or genetic engineering, is the process of inserting a gene from one species, like a plant or a bacterium, into another species. At Monsanto our biotechnology work is concentrated on but not limited to corn, cotton, soybeans and canola.

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Agronomic practices are steps farmers incorporate into their farm management systems to improve soil quality, enhance water use, manage crop residue and improve the environment through better fertilizer management.

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