Microbial-based products are derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. They are normally applied to seeds before planting, in-furrow or sprayed on crops, and they protect crops from pests and diseases and enhance plant productivity and fertility. With faster development cycles compared to other agricultural innovations, as well as broad geographic and crop applicability, microbial solutions offer tremendous potential to deliver sustainable, cost-effective solutions that can increase yield using less input. Microbials can work alone or complement traditional methods of plant production and protection.

In early 2013, Monsanto acquired the assets of the agricultural company Agradis Inc. to support its discovery capabilities in the microbial space.

The BioAg Alliance

Additionally, the company has announced a long-term strategic alliance with Novozymes in December 2013 to transform research and commercialization of environmentally friendly microbial products that will provide a new platform of solutions for growers around the world. In 2014, the companies conducted research across 170,000 field trial plots in 70 locations throughout the United States, and the companies expect to more than double the number of research field plots next season. Learn more about the Monsanto-Novozymes alliance and ag biologicals in the graphic and videos below: