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Quick Jung Seed Genetics Facts
  • A brand serving growers in Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Sells corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and silage corn seed
  • Serving growers for more than 100 years
  • Seed performs well in colder Northern climates

Jung Seed Genetics sells corn, soybean, HDS (highly digestible silage) silage corn, wheat and alfalfa seed to farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The brand caters to farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin by offering seed that performs well in colder Northern climates.

Jung Seed Genetics understands farmers get one chance a year to achieve a great early stand – the most important variable in meeting yield objectives. That’s why with things like the “Plant Me First” seal of quality, and displaying the germination rates on all of their seed bags, growers can be assured the seed they’re buying will perform well in cooler climates.

Good germination is extremely important in the Northern climates because the window farmers have to plant is shorter than in places like Georgia and Missouri. With Jung Seed Genetics, farmers get more out of every bag:

  • MORE Uniformity – Uneven stands typically yield lower because the older, larger plants out-compete younger, less mature plants for light, water and nutrients
  • MORE Yield Potential – With Jung Seed Genetics’ 99% germination rate and planting rates, farmers can increase the number of plants per acre -- and potentially increase yield
  • MORE Return on Investment – Jung Seed Genetics has some of the best genetics in the world and has access to one of the best pipelines of future trait technologies 
  • MORE Peace of Mind – With our world-class genetics, farmers have fewer additional inputs, which saves time and money
  • MORE Agronomic Support – No single seed will work in every field. We offer more agronomic support when selecting the correct seed for field and provide the information needed to help the seed reach its fullest potential.
  • MORE Local Knowledge – We’ve been in this business for over 100 years. No other seed company knows the challenges of farmers' unique environments like Jung Seed Genetics.

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