Learning Center at Gothenburg, NE

What is the Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center?

The Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center was developed to provide answers and solutions to current questions and issues raised in production agriculture. Our focus at the Learning Center, is to help farmers achieve their yield and productivity goals with an emphasis on water utilization.

At a Glance

  • Gothenburg, NE
  • 324 acre research farm
  • Average annual rainfall of 23 inches
  • Soil type is a silt loam

Experience the Gothenburg Learning Center Online Tour

Click the map below to explore actual research topics, such as:

  • Water utilization over the decades
  • Systems-based approach to managing drought
  • Does a modern-day hybrid utilize water more effectively than a hybrid 50 years ago?
  • Should a 300 bu/a corn crop get fertilized the same as a 200 bu/a corn crop?
  • How much area does it take to produce a bushel of corn and a bushel of soybeans over 100 years?
  • Refuge and Genuity® traits
  • What are the tillage and hybrid effects on Goss’s Wilt infection?
  • Corn and soybean water use efficiency in dryland and irrigation

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What will I see during a visit to the Learning Center?

At the Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center you will see our three-pronged systems-based approach in helping farmers manage drought; native genes selected through traditional plant breeding, the additive impact of biotech traits and finally the additive impact of agronomic components of the system. This three-pronged approach is quite different than our competitors.