Genuity® VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete®

Single-bag option for managing above- and below-ground pests

U.S. farmers in the Corn-Growing Area now have another single-bag option for managing above- and below-ground pests.

Genuity VT Triple PRO RIB Complete offers farmers dual modes-of-action for protection against above-ground insects, a single mode-of-action for corn rootworm protection and herbicide tolerance. The single-bag is a blend of 90% insect-protected and 10% refuge seed, contains herbicide tolerance, a single mode of action for corn rootworm control and dual modes of action for above-ground insect protection - including corn earworm, fall armyworm and European and Southwestern corn borer. It is a great fit in geographies experiencing low to moderate rootworm pressure.

The product helps farmers simplify the planting process while delivering peace of mind for refuge compliance. The convenience benefits of a refuge-in-a-bag system include:

  • Simplification in crop planning, inventories and seed handling
  • Built in compliance with refuge requirements
  • Ultimately increased compliance with the refuge requirements.

For the 2014 growing season, the majority of Monsanto’s Genuity VT Triple PRO portfolio in the Corn-Growing Area is available as a Genuity RIB Complete corn blend product.

In July 2013, Monsanto’s Genuity VT Triple PRO RIB Complete received a two-year registration extension from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, further extending this registration to September 30, 2015. The extension provides continued consumer confidence in the production and sale of Genuity VT Triple PRO RIB Complete and supports Monsanto’s ongoing efforts to simplify refuge compliance with desirable single-bag RIB Complete products. With all EPA registrations, Monsanto will submit amendments to extend this registration at the appropriate time.