Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn

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For farmers in the Southern U.S, dealing with unwanted pests that damage their crop is nothing new. Corn farmers can have peace of mind with VT Triple PRO because it offers dual modes of action against corn earworm and other above-ground, ear-feeding insects, like European and Southern corn borers and fall armyworm. An additional single mode of action provides protection from below-ground insects like corn rootworm.

It also allows for reduced refuge acres, from 50% to 20%, significantly increasing whole-farm yield potential.

  • Farmers across the Southern U.S. are seeing dramatic evidence of corn earworm protection from Genuity® VT Triple PRO® corn, the industry’s first dual mode-of-action above-ground insect protection in corn that is stacked with below-ground insect protection and Roundup Ready 2 technology.
  • Genuity VT Triple PRO technology combines global, exclusive genetics with the industry’s most advanced insect protection.
  • Targeted for farmers in Southern U.S. where pests like corn earworm and fall armyworm cause yield damage as well as grain quality issues.
  • Reduces refuge requirements in the cotton growing area from 50% to 20%

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