Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete Corn

The First Single-Bag Refuge Solution

Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™ offers two built-in modes of action that deliver maximum control of both corn rootworm and corn earworm, as well as the most above- and below-ground insect control. Also, since it’s a RIB Complete® brand corn blend, it has a mix of 95% Bt-traited seed and 5% refuge seed right in the bag. No more calculations, no more planting and maintenance of separate, structured refuge in the Corn Growing Area.

To help reduce the risk of insects developing resistance to B.t. technology, farmers are required to plant a separate structured refuge in their fields. With Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete corn blend, farmers are able to fill the planter with one bag and plant one field, saving them valuable time.

Each bag contains a blend of 95% Genuity® SmartStax® corn seed and 5% (non-Bt) seed.

Farmers across the U.S. Corn Belt are experiencing the benefits of a 5% reduced refuge with Genuity SmartStax corn.

This technology is the industry’s first all-in-one corn trait offering root, stalk and ear protection. It combines:

Pests such as corn earworm can be detrimental to a crop. Without insect protection, growers have to spray to get rid of the pests, or simply do nothing at all. With Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete corn blend, growers can have less impact on the environment due to fewer sprays, as well as higher yield potential from reduced pest damage.

How does Monsanto produce this single-bag solution for growers? Watch the video below for a look at how we get the refuge in the bag.  

Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete is a collaboration between Monsanto and Dow AgroSciences LLC.

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