Genuity Bollgard II Cotton


Bollgard II provides a wider spectrum of worm control with fewer insecticide sprays, which can help to enhance beneficial insect populations and reduce infestations of harmful pests like aphids and mites. 

Trials show that under heavy bollworm pressure, Bollgard II experiences only 4% damaged bolls, while non-B.t. cotton experiences 60% damaged bolls.

The benefits of the Bollgard II trait in cotton include:

  • Season-long control of a broad spectrum of worm pests, which allows growers to reduce or even eliminate sprays for worms
  • Growers are able to focus more of their attention on non-worm pests and other farm work such as irrigations, weed control and tending to crops.
  • Fewer insecticide sprays which can increase the population of beneficial insects for their crops.
  • Reduces vulnerability to fluctuating levels of worm pressure and the damage worms do before and between insecticide applications that can severely damage the crop.


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