Genuity DroughtGard Hybrids

Launching in the U.S. in 2013

Genuity® DroughtGard Hybrids are designed to help farmers mitigate the risk of yield loss when experiencing drought stress. For the 2013 season, Western Great Plains farmers will have the first opportunity to plant DroughtGard Hybrids on a commercial level.

DroughtGard Hybrids combine germplasm selected for drought-tolerant characteristics and the drought-tolerant biotech trait, with agronomic recommendations.

DroughtGard Hybrids:

  • Are the agriculture industry’s first biotech drought solution.
  • Enhance yield potential when water is limited. With sufficient water levels, the trait performs comparably to existing seed technologies.
  • Aim to benefit farmers in the Western Great Plains, on dryland acres where average yield ranges from 70 to 130 bushels per acre. In the past few years, the average corn yield in the United States has been approximately 150 bushels per acre.
  • Are the first product in a pipeline of yield and stress traits focused on improving yield and consistency in tough environmental conditions.

2012 Results

During the 2012 growing season, approximately 250 growers across the Western Great Plains planted DroughtGard Hybrids on their farms in large-scale, on-farm trials, known as Ground Breakers®. DroughtGard Hybrids had strong performance in trials, with commercially projected products showing a an average yield advantage of more than 5 bushels per acre over competitor products.

For the past several years, Monsanto’s drought breeding and testing program for this product has specifically targeted the Western Great Plains. By focusing our testing where our customers are located, we can help to maximize the opportunity to deliver integrated breeding and biotechnology for drought. We can also work closely with growers to assist with agronomic recommendations.

On-Going Research

Monsanto is committed to bringing farmers the tools to be more efficient on their land, while also reducing their impact on the environment. One of the biggest challenges farmers face each year -- especially in the Western Great Plains of the United States -- is drought. That's why we've dedicated our resources to helping them find solutions.

In addition to product solutions, like DroughtGard Hybrids, we also developed our Water Utilization Center in Gothenburg, Nebraska, to focus on helping farmers achieve their yield and productivity goals, with an emphasis on water utilization.

We understand the challenges farmers face. And that's why we're committed to working with them to bring products to their farms that will help them do what they do best -- feed our growing world sustainably.

The drought-tolerant biotech trait is part of Monsanto's Yield and Stress collaboration in plant biotechnology with Germany-based BASF. The collaboration is aimed at developing higher-yielding crops and crops more tolerant to adverse environmental conditions, such as drought.

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