De Ruiter

Hybrid Seeds.

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Quick De Ruiter Facts
  • A vegetable brand with a singular focus on heated protected culture vegetable production
  • Sells vegetable seeds for glasshouse cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and eggplant, in addition to rootstock
  • Heritage of market leadership and Dutch expertise in glasshouse production
  • Introduced rootstock

De Ruiter is Monsanto’s heated protected-culture vegetable brand. Protected culture offers vegetable growers a way to mitigate damage to crops Mother Nature can throw their way.

De Ruiter is also a top seller of rootstocks, which are used for the grafting of tomato and aubergine varieties. Rootstock is used to introduce characteristics such as improved vigour, disease resistance and improved fruit quality to plants. De Ruiter is dedicated to giving our heated, protected-culture vegetable and rootstock growers the satisfaction of delivering the very best products to market with pride.

Hear from a De Ruiter tomato grower who taking sustainability in tomato production to new heights.