Deltapine Cotton Game Changers



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  Quick Deltapine Facts
  • A brand serving cotton farmers across the U.S.
  • Sells the latest cotton seed to Southern U.S. growers
  • Providing services to growers for more than 95 years

For Deltapine®, it’s all about delivering the latest cotton traits and seed genetics to U.S. cotton farmers to help them be as productive as possible. Each year, Deltapine releases a new class of cotton varieties with the latest genetics and traits. The proven success of the Deltapine Class of '12 cotton varieties and the demonstrated potential of the Class of '13 cotton varieties are changing the game for yield and fiber quality.

Farmers in the Southern regions of the U.S. often find themselves challenged by Mother Nature. Whether it’s strong winds and rains from hurricanes or extreme drought, farmers need cotton varieties that can withstand these conditions. Additionally, pests such as bollworm or plant bugs can hurt their cotton crop. Deltapine is dedicated to developing the latest traits packages in cotton seed to combat these pests. With Monsanto’s Genuity® Bollgard II® and Genuity® Bollgard II® with Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton, Deltapine cotton seed not only performs well, but also requires fewer inputs, such as herbicides.

Better varieties. Better quality. A heritage of results. Deltapine is truly changing the game on farms across the country.

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