Cotton Pipeline

More than 80 countries on six continents grow cotton, providing fiber for clothing, home furnishings and industrial products and food for animals and humans. The four largest cotton-producing countries, China, India, the United States and Pakistan, account for 75 percent of the world’s production. China, India and Pakistan, three of the most populous countries in the world, also are the largest consumers of cotton, accounting for 66 percent of total use (Source: USDA).

Monsanto’s cotton pipeline focuses on: protecting the plant from bugs, such as bollworm, armyworm and lygus, from attacking the plant, which impacts cotton production potential; and providing an additional herbicide tolerance trait.

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Commercialization of pipeline projects is dependent on many factors including the successful conclusion of the regulatory process.

2015 Cotton Pipeline Brochure

2015 Advancing Products
  • Biotech Pipeline
  • Lygus-Control Cotton - Phase 3
  • Fourth Generation Herbicide Tolerant Cotton - Phase 1