Corn Pipeline

Corn is the largest crop in the world in terms of production and consumption, with nearly 1 billion metric tons of the grain produced and more than 930 million tons consumed by livestock and people. Production and consumption of corn has doubled from around 475 million tons in less than 25 years. Clearly, the world needs production to keep up with consumption.

Throughout corn’s growing season, farmers face all sorts of production challenges from weeds, bugs and diseases. The combination of challenges is a reason why Monsanto has more than a dozen projects in our corn R&D pipeline dedicated to helping farmers bring more corn to harvest.

Below, you can view a short video about the projects in Monsanto’s corn pipeline.

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2016 Advancing Products

  • Biotech Pipeline
  • Third Generation Herbicide Tolerant - Phase 4
  • Fourth Generation Above Ground Insect Protection - Phase 2
  • Fourth Generation Below Ground Insect Tolerant - Phase 2
  • Breeding Pipeline
  • High Density Corn System - Phase 3
  • Ultra High Density Corn System - Phase 2