Environmental Benefits of GM Sweet Corn

Product Information for Farmers

Performance Series Herbicide Tolerant Insect Protection
(Bt/Roundup Ready Sweet Corn)

Growing Sweet Corn A Better Way

Good-tasting and grown a better way, our biotech [or genetically modified (GM)] sweet corn reduces the number of pesticide applications and thus allows farmers to take fewer trips across their fields. With its built-in insect pest control, farmers who plant Monsanto’s biotech sweet corn are able to grow high-quality produce with reduced insect pest damage.

To protect sweet corn from damaging worms, the naturally-occurring protein found in Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt is built into the seed genetics. Bt is often used as an insecticide by organic farmers to control the same types of insect pests.

Enjoying a Locally Grown Favorite

With its built-in Bt protein, Monsanto’s GM sweet corn enables farmers to grow sweet corn in geographies where insect pressure and damage from those insect pests previously made growing it impractical. Farmers who plant biotech (GM) sweet corn can now grow and deliver locally-grown produce to more places for us to enjoy.

Simply put, farmers choose to grow Monsanto’s biotech sweet corn because of these benefits – they can grow healthy plants while producing sweet corn that is fresh and flavorful and as nutritious as conventional sweet corn.