Benefits of Biotechnology

After 13 years of use on more than 2 billion acres (800 million hectares) worldwide, plant biotechnology delivers proven economic and environmental benefits, a solid record of safe use and promising products for our future.

We think of our products benefits in three broad categories of benefits to farmers, processors and consumers.

Farmer benefits increase productivity or reduce cost by:

  • increasing yield
  • improving protection from insects and disease
  • increasing their crops’ tolerance to heat, drought, and other environmental stress

Processor benefits improve the quality and content of animal feed, food and energy sources.

Consumer benefits are advantages such as

Environmental benefits help reduce agriculture’s impact on the land

  • Conserve soil and energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Minimize use of toxic herbicides
  • Conserve soil fertility and natural resources.

In addition, our biotechnology products have provided specific benefits to farmers, the environment and society at a large. Since they were first planted in 1996, one result of agricultural biotechnology is the increased adoption of conservation tillage by farmers. Conservation tillage methods leave crop mulch covering the ground between growing seasons, providing a protective cover that holds soil in place, minimizes runoff and dramatically decreases erosion.

Numerous independent organizations have documented the benefits of biotechnology.