Animal Performance Assessments

The animal performance assessment includes a standard 42-day broiler study on chickens and a 90-day rat feeding study.

42-Day Broiler Study on Chickens

At this stage, Monsanto scientists study the development and size of the animal as it’s fed the product with the new gene inserted.

  • Why chickens? Chicken grow very quickly and have been bred so selectively for fast growth that any irregularity in the nutrients would cause an adverse growth rate.

 90-Day Rat Feeding Study

In addition to the growth and development testing in the broiler chicken study, we also conduct a 90-day rat feeding study with most products, which is a toxicology study. A toxicology study determines if a new product has undesirable effects on the health or physiology of the animals that might predict adverse effects for humans.

The 90-day toxicology study can include more than a hundred different assessments on things such as blood chemistries, tissue pathology and organ weights.

To date, no commercialized biotech products have ever been associated with an actual hazard to humans or animals. Continued introduction of biotech products will be subjected to the same thorough testing and analysis done by not only Monsanto scientists, but also many others around the world to ensure only products that are as safe as their conventional counterparts will ever make it to market.