Expanded Seminis Onion Portfolio Brings Enhanced Seed Options To Farmers In The Pacific Northwest


ST. LOUIS (January 10, 2013) — Onion growers in the U.S. Pacific Northwest now have access to five more Seminis onion seed varieties.  These improved varieties include SV6672NW, SV6646NW, SV4058NU, XP 07716000 and SV4643NT.

“Seminis is committed to offering our customers the outstanding growing potential they deserve,” said Deron Beck, Seminis Technology Development representative. “Thanks to that commitment, we are excited to bring these enhanced onion varieties to our customers in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.”

SV6672NW is a hardy Spanish hybrid onion cultivar with refined necks and attractive dark semi-glossy green foliage. This 116-118 day onion produces uniform globe-round bulbs with excellent flesh color.  “Growers will like the yield and storage potential, while processors will benefit from the excellent uniformity and size potential,” explained Beck.  

SV6646NW is a high yield-potential Spanish onion hybrid with an attractive bronze scale that works well for retail and food service customers.  SV6646NW produces a uniform round bulb with a medium scale thickness that retains excellent color quality in storage.

In the 115-day window, SV4058NU onion hybrid is an attractive white bulb with superior flesh quality.  This cultivar has semi-glossy foliage that performs well in heat stress and has an excellent bolt tolerance and storage potential.

“If growers are looking for a good replacement for Mercury, SV4643NT onion hybrid is a 105 day red that has an excellent yield potential and aggressive plant habit that gives the grower’s red program an early season start,” said Beck.

XP 07716000 is a high yield-potential onion hybrid cultivar with superior mild flavor. This 118 day onion produces uniform round bulbs with superior white flesh color and single centers.  XP 07716000 finishes with a light brown scale and has performed well in ambient storage for 6 months.  “We are especially excited about XP 07716000 because it offers impressive processing traits, as well as terrific marketing opportunities for those customers looking for a sweeter tasting onion,” said Beck.

For a full listing of Seminis onion varieties, visit www.seminis.com or contact you local Seminis representative.


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