Seminis Field Day Generates Excitement for Spinach Pipeline


St. Louis, Mo. (April 11, 2013) In late March, Seminis® customers, sales representatives, technical representatives and spinach breeders gathered in Yuma, Arizona for a close look at the exciting spinach varieties coming out of the Seminis pipeline.

“Our spinach field day is not only a great opportunity to get feedback from our customers, but a great time to generate excitement for our spinach pipeline both internally and among customers,” said Drew Johnson, Seminis regional product manager for Brassica and Leafy. “It’s also a great time to talk with customers about general market trends and agronomic challenges such as Downy mildew.”

On display were over 60 commercial and pre-commercial varieties of savoy and smooth leaf spinach, including two varieties that will be commercialized next season with resistance to all currently identified races of Downy mildew.

“Today, Seminis has one commercialized spinach variety with resistance to all identified Downy mildew races,” explained Johnson. “The two pre-commercial varieties, SV1846VC and SV2146VB, strengthen the portfolio by offering the same high level of downy mildew resistance in varieties for different maturity classes.”

SV1846VC* is a pre-commercial hybrid spinach variety with resistance to Downy mildew races 1-14. This is a mid-early variety with dark, shiny, erect round leaves.  It is very uniform and maintains leaf size and shape specifications important for growers. With its good field holding, it also allows for a more flexible harvest.

SV2146VB* is a pre-commercial spinach hybrid that is resistant to Downy mildew races 1-13, and is a semi-savoy variety with mid-late to late maturity. It is deep green in color with very nice texture and pliability. Its leaves are round, slightly savoy and uniform in shape and size. It is adaptable over a wide range of environments and its tall petioles allow for ease of harvest. 

Currently, SV2157VB and SV3580VC spinach hybrids are available to growers and are resistant to Downy mildew races 1-13. SV2157VB is a semi-savoy, mid-late maturity variety. It has uniform leaf shape and size, and medium savoy leaves.  Its thick, shiny leaves are attractive and dark green and it is very adaptable across seasons and environments. In addition, it offers great field holding and yield potential. SV3580VC is a widely-adaptable smooth leaf variety with erect, dark green leaves. It has excellent field holding ability and delivers a consistently uniform product across seasons and locations.

“The feedback we got from these varieties was very positive,” explained Johnson. “Everyone walked away excited about our spinach pipeline, making us feel making us feel well-positioned to meet our customers’ spinach needs.”


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