Monsanto Takes Next Step Towards Commercial Launch of INTACTA RR2 PRO Soybeans


Monsanto today announced the commercial launch of the new INTACTA RR2 PRO ™ soybean technology for farmers in Brazil. The new soybean technology combines three solutions in one product: yield improvement, tolerance to glyphosate herbicide provided by Roundup Ready technology (RR), and yield protection against caterpillars that attack soybeans.

“We look forward to bringing another option to soybean farmers as they work to support the growing demands of our planet,” said Marcio Santos, Product Management Lead of Monsanto Brazil.

Growers who choose to use the INTACTA RR2 PRO™ technology, will have an initial cost of R$ 115 per hectare (approximately $22 per acre), which will be paid together with the seed.

“As we introduce this new soybean product, we heard from our customers that this is the best way of remunerating the technology,” said Santos. “The grower pays along with the seed, so he knows the total cost of his planted land, and thus can make the decision to use or not technology comparing its cost with other options on the market.”

In addition, after talking to many agriculture Brazilian leaders and reaching an agreement with FAMATO (Mato Grosso State Growers Federation) regarding Roundup Ready 1 technology, the company decided to offer a bonus of R$ 18.50 per hectare, valid for four years, to be used for purchasing seeds of soybean INTACTA RR2 PRO™ in the next year. The bonus will be available to growers who sign the Licensing and Mutual Release Agreement which includes various aspects of stewardship, including refuge, as well as provides reciprocal releases regarding the use of RR1 technology. Through this agreement, the cost of INTACTA RR2 PRO™ soybeans for these participating farmers would be R$ 96.50 per hectare (approximately $19 per acre).

Growers that want to access INTACTA RR2 PRO™ but are not interested in reciprocal releases regarding the use of RR1 technology, will still be required to sign a Licensing Agreement which includes various aspects of stewardship, including refuge.

Seeds with technology INTACTA RR2 PRO™ will be offered to Brazilian farmers by Monsanto and other nine licensed companies, and can now be purchased from the leading seed companies and distributors in the country.