Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans Receives Grant from Monsanto’s Luling Site


Junior Achievement programs across the U.S. inspire young people to be the entrepreneurs of the future. The program prepares students to succeed in today’s economy and arms them with the knowledge necessary to become the leaders of tomorrow. Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans, Inc., is certainly no exception.

Employees at Monsanto’s manufacturing facility in Luling, La. took notice of the work of this organization and nominated it to receive a $1,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund, the philanthropic arm of Monsanto Company. The grant will supply students with the materials needed for the American Free Enterprise course, which will teach students about the importance of the free enterprise system to our nation’s economic success.

“This program will arm students with the knowledge necessary to become the entrepreneurs of the future,” said Harold Stephens, director and senior communications officer of the Junior Achievement Center of New Orleans. “The students will gain the wisdom and confidence to make sound decisions for their future.”

Meghan Diederich of Monsanto was also excited to play a part in the grant.

“I’ve always been very supportive of this organization,” Diederich said. “I sit on the Junior Achievement board, so I am able to see first-hand how dedicated this organization is and how much this grant will benefit the students.”  

Employees of the Luling Monsanto site volunteer each year to work closely with the students. Employees help with after-school tutoring programs as well as mentor some students.

“Dedicating time to volunteer with organizations such as Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans will truly make a difference in future generations,” Diederich said. “We at Monsanto are always happy to work with the kids and find it to be a very enriching experience.”

This grant is part of a broad commitment by the Monsanto Fund, which is focused on strengthening farming communities, as well as the communities where Monsanto’s employees live and work. To learn more about the Monsanto Fund’s work, visit www.monsantofund.org.