Hugh Grant Speaks at 2010 Business Social Responsibility Conference

"Between the time you got up this morning and the time you’ll go to bed, there will be 210,000 new people on the planet," Hugh Grant, Monsanto president, chairman and CEO, said. "By 2050, that's three new Chinas."

Speaking to about 1,000 people attending the 2010 Business Social Responsibility (BSR) Conference in New York City, Grant said the population fact puts agriculture squarely in the middle of a very lively debate. With the growing need for food, fuel and fiber, coupled with finite land and water, the overriding question becomes "how you do more with less,” he said.

Grant went on to discuss how farmers will need to adopt modern agricultural practices, such as hybrid seeds and biotechnology, to feed our growing world. He also talked about how partnerships will be necessary to help farmers achieve these goals.