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The Great Plains Wildfires: Agriculture Stepping Up in a Time of Need

March 23, 2017

By Brett Begemann, Monsanto President and Chief Operating Officer

Having spent my life in agriculture, one of the things I love about people in my field is our ability to...

Monsanto did not ghostwrite the Williams et al (2000) glyphosate paper

March 14, 2017

Recently, in the context of personal injury litigation filed against Monsanto, plaintiffs’ attorneys have cherry picked a single email – out of more than 10 million pages of doc...

Monsanto Earns 2nd Consecutive Digital Edge Award for Innovative IT, Supply Chain Practices

December 14, 2016

Monsanto has been named a 2017 Digital Edge 50 award winner for its initiative, “Securing Our Food Supply through Modernization of Hybrid Seed Production.” The global effort spa...

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