America’s Farmers Mobile Experience Gives Consumers a Look Into the Life of a Farm Family


The America’s Farmers Mobile Experience started 2012 by traveling throughout the U.S. Southeast and Texas in January, and will continue that momentum throughout the next eleven months.

Last year, more than 31,000 patrons took in the Mobile Experience and the 53-foot semi-trailer traveled close to 35,000 miles across the country. In 2012, the Mobile Experience will visit numerous festivals, fairs and universities, all while telling the story of the American farmer. 

The tour kicked off at the Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Show in Savannah, Ga., and traveled to venues in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama throughout the month of January.

“The Mobile Experience was extremely informative,” said Courtney Lee, a visitor at Alabama A&M. “I think everyone who eats should experience this. It was a fantastic presentation.”

Last week at the University of Florida nearly 1,000 students, faculty and local community members toured the Mobile Experience.

“This was a very educational exhibit,” said University of Florida student Ronnie Rodenius. “I’m a plant science major, and I was very interested in the soybeans containing Omega 3’s and the seed chipping technology. I think this would be a great exhibit for people who don’t know about agronomy to appreciate the science that goes into the food they eat.”

The Mobile Experience plans to complete February at the Texas Farm, Ranch and Wildlife Show in Abilene, Texas. In April, the tour will continue to several universities, with hopes of educating the upcoming workforce and family leaders about the challenges farmers face and how one farmer feeds nearly 155 people each year.

For the remainder of 2012, the Mobile Experience will be visiting fairs and festivals across the country. From the Sacramento County Fair to the South Carolina State Fair, the Mobile Experience will be advocating for America’s farmers from coast to coast at over 50 events in 23 states.

To view the full schedule for the America’s Farmers Mobile Experience and to determine if it will be in your area, please check the schedule. And for more information on the America’s Farmers programs, visit