Insect Knowledge Research Program

Monsanto’s Insect Management Knowledge Program (IMKP) supports research on economically important pests of U.S. row crops. The program was designed to drive economical, practical and sustainable pest solutions for farmers through enhanced understanding of integrated pest management (IPM) solutions and challenges. In order to feed a growing population, innovative IPM solutions will be required both in the short term as well as in the long term.  

The Insect Management Knowledge Program is designed to develop collaborative new research projects with scientists who have expertise and interests that complement those of Monsanto. There are several areas of focus for the program, including: 

  • sustainable pest management;  
  • development of predictive models for developing resistance;  
  • biochemical, genetic and molecular characterization of pest resistance to control methods; 
  • facilitation of multi-year surveys of U.S. insect pest populations
  • farmer education and training on insect management. 

Monsanto established the CRW Knowledge Grant Program in 2012 which funded six proposals in 2013. The Program was continued in 2013 resulting in seven funded proposals. The focus of the 2012 and 2013 programs was on Corn Rootworm research. The scope of the program is being expanded for 2014, under the new name of Insect Management Knowledge Program (IMKP). This new program expands coverage to the following U.S. row crops:  cotton, corn and soybeans and to all economically significant row crop pests. The Insect Management Knowledge program will provide merit-based awards of up to $250,000 per award per year, for a research period of up to three years, for outstanding proposals in critical areas. Additionally, a separate award of $50,000 per year is awarded for a proposal that will help to develop educational materials related to pest management.

Pre-proposals have been extended and are now being accepted until October 13, 2014. All proposals will be reviewed and selected proposals will be requested to submit a final proposal. Final grants will be announced no later than March, 2015.   

The full Request for Proposals and instructions for application may be found here: Insect Knowledge Research Request for Proposal

Application Submission

Applicants are encouraged to follow the grant application directions for Budget, Project Description, Bibliography, and Supplemental Materials, in addition to completing an application Cover Sheet. Templates for the Cover sheet, Project Summary, and Budget (applicants may use this template or one normally used by their institution) may be found in the following links. Note that these are Word document forms that must be converted to PDF format prior to submission.

The application cover sheet, application, Project Summary, Budget, and any supplemental materials should be submitted in PDF format to: Questions about the program may also be directed to this email address.

Application Review and Grant Award Decisions

The IMKP Advisory Committee consists of members from academia, growers, and key industry groups.   Its purpose is oversight of the review process, annual selection of ad hoc review panels, and program guidance in areas such as research progress, and developments. The Advisory Committee is co-chaired by a representative from both the academic and research community and Monsanto. Members of the committee were selected due to their experience in the agriculture, insect biology, and insect management practices.

Reviewers will be selected based upon training and experience in relevant scientific, extension, or education fields.