Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research Program

Monsanto Company’s competitive research program, Corn Rootworm (CRW) Knowledge Research Program, is aimed at supporting research in the areas of corn crop rootworm management; economic impacts of agronomic practices, including control of corn rootworm; corn rootworm biology, physiology, biochemistry, and genomics; and corn rootworm education development. Efforts in these areas will enhance the collective understanding of corn rootworm, and may lead to economical, practical and sustainable solutions for farmers. The program is designed to develop collaborative new research projects with scientists who have expertise and interests that complement those of Monsanto.

Monsanto established the program in 2012 with a $3 million pledge. We continued our support in 2013 with an additional $3 million pledge. The CRW Knowledge Research Program provides merit-based awards of up to $250,000 per award per year, for a research period of up to three years, for outstanding proposals in critical areas. Additionally, a separate award of $50,000 per year is awarded for a proposal that will help to develop educational materials related to corn rootworm management.


On March 26, Monsanto Company announced that seven recipients will be awarded research grants as part of the Corn Rootworm Knowledge Research Program.

A description of those grants can be seen here.

Application Review and Grant Award Decisions

The CRW Knowledge Research Program Advisory Committee consists of key experts across academia and agricultural organizations. Its purpose is to oversee the review process, select ad hoc review panels each year, and provide guidance as appropriate on the program, research progress and developments.

The Advisory Committee is co-chaired by a representative from both the academic and research community and Monsanto.

Members of the committee were selected due to their experience in the agriculture, corn rootworm biology, and insect management practices.

Reviewers will be selected based upon training and experience in relevant scientific, extension, or education fields.

Questions about the program may also be directed to