Agricultural biologicals 
  • Developing products from naturally-occurring microbes and processes that provides benefits to soil and seeds
  • Open new areas of research in human, and plant health


 Biotechnology, including GMOs

  • Uses a living thing to help
  • Protect the plant from harmful insects
  • Increase a plant’s tolerance for drought and other environmental stress
  • Decrease the need to use of topical insecticides
  • Conserve soil fertility and natural resources
  • One of the tools farmers use to improve plant potential

Crop protection 

  • Products to protect crops from weeds, pests and disease


Data science 

  • Farmers use it to measure the health of their fields
  • Drives the Research and Development Pipeline
  • Drives efficiencies in farming

Plant breeding
  • Allows scientists to see characteristics within seeds
  • Maximizes desired traits like disease tolerance or water efficiency
  • Uses advanced techniques to increase yield potential and protection from adverse weather conditions


Research and Development Pipeline 

  • Where innovation starts
  • Researchers look to bring the best solutions to farm fields
  • Thousands of our employees focus on delivering innovative and sustainable products