Accessing Clean Water in Indonesia

Addressing root causes in Indonesia

In late October 2011, Monsanto Indonesia and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia celebrated the completion of their corporate social responsibility water project in Tajinan, a small village in the East Java region of Indonesia. A ceremony was held to recognize the completion of the project with the wife of the East Java governor featured as the keynote speaker.


Access to clean water has an emotional meaning for the 1,700 residents of Tajinan. It means a better and healthier life for the local people, particularly in terms of decreasing the incidence of water-borne diseases in children.

The program cost $67,000 and took a year to complete. Through this project, local residents now have access to clean water, public sanitation facilities, the ability to manufacture fertilizer, and biofuel storage tanks. In addition, Monsanto Fund has helped build a pump hydration system, two main water compartments, six small water reservoirs, two biofuel storage tanks and 100 toilet compartments, as well as installing a 450-meter pipeline from the water source.


“The Monsanto Fund has helped the people of Tajinan to access clean water,” the Head of the Regional Body of Planning and Development of East Java Province said. “This program also supports Indonesia in achieving its Millennium Development Goals in diminishing poverty and helping provide almost half of the people with access to clean water by 2015.”

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