Access to and the amount, availability and cleanliness of water are among the most important challenges facing society and agriculture and the people dedicated to growing food. As an agricultural company committed to providing choices and solutions to farmers, Monsanto has a strong interest in helping farmers address the multiple challenges that water poses.

Our work with regard to water use and agriculture is focused in three areas:

Education and Research

Research and development is at our core. In order to meet the needs of our customers and build our business, we continually innovate and deliver value to farmers. The initiatives below help farmers address water challenges on their farms:

  • Gothenburg Water Utilization Learning Center: The Center is focused on researching the relationships between water, plants, agronomics and the environment.
  • AquaTEK℠: In Italy, the DEKALB® and farmers are partnering in a project to understand how to improve their systems approach to water management.


Several innovations in agriculture have improved crops’ water use—better genetics, conservation tillage and biotech traits that protect the plants against bugs and competition from weeds. Building on these innovations, part of Monsanto’s R&D pipeline focuses on yield and stress traits, including water. Water stress traits are becoming ever-more important to farmers, whether it is via breeding or biotech. Monsanto is working to develop products in both areas.

  • Genuity® DroughtGard™ Hybrids: With full import approvals in key export markets, farmers can market their grain more broadly this year and plant with confidence in 2014.
  • Deltapine® cotton: Deltapine is ramping up research across the U.S. Cotton Belt to understand water use at a variety level. Matching products to the systems approach to managing water and drought is important for farmers.


Monsanto does not and cannot work alone when it comes to water issues. The world faces major challenges with respect to clean water, water quality and access to water, and the solutions do not reside in a single approach or single entity. We have partnered with several non-governmental organizations to address local water and food issues.

  • Water Efficient Maize for Africa: In Africa, Monsanto is working with governmental agencies, foundations and aid groups to provide the opportunity for food security for resource-poor farmers in Africa.