In early spring of 2013, Iowa farmer Jon Studt and his wife, Judy, discovered a program for farmers that could help improve lives in their community, called Invest an Acre.

“I was watching an early Saturday morning agribusiness show, and they were discussing the program,” said Jon. “Since the program and our co-op work closely with ADM (Archer Daniel Midland Company) and Monsanto, I asked our co-op general manager, Rob Ball, for more information.”

Monsanto is partnering with The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Feeding America and ADM to help fight rural hunger through the Invest an Acre program. 

Through the program, farmers can donate proceeds from their harvest to help feed hungry families in their own communities. Monsanto is matching the farmer donations dollar for dollar to make twice the impact. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation covers the operating costs so Feeding America can then distribute 100 percent of the farmer donations and the Monsanto monetary match to participating food banks.

 “With this program, we like that we know where our donation is going and that Monsanto matches the funding for double the impact,” said Jon. “Judy and I both agreed to move forward with a donation. It just seems like the right thing to do.”

 “By participating, we hoped to encourage others to contribute. As a community, we can make a difference,” said Judy.

“I am humbled with Jon and Judy Studt’s generosity of their time and donation,” said Matt Roach, local Monsanto representative. “Even in the breadbasket of the U.S., families are facing food insecurity. We are proud to collaborate with local farmers and partners to work towards alleviating hunger in our communities.”

Monsanto committed to support the program through a cumulative $3 million contribution over four crop years. 

U.S. farmers are not required to purchase Monsanto products to participate in these programs.

For more information on Monsanto Company’s commitments, visit “Who We Are.”