History of Bollgard Cotton

Bollgard Cotton Timeline

1996: Introduced in the U.S., Bollgard® insect-protected cotton provides farmers with in-seed insect protection against the cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm and pink bollworm.

1997: Monsanto introduced a stacked trait cotton offering with Bollgard and Roundup Ready® technologies in 1997.

2002: Bollgard cotton became the first biotech crop technology approved for commercialization in India in 2002. More than 6 million farmers adopted the technology on their farms.

2003: Monsanto introduced a second-generation trait product in cotton with Bollgard® II insect-protected cotton in 2003. The product provides farmers with the same benefits as the original Bollgard product, as well as expanded protection against other cotton pests.

2006: Monsanto becomes the first agriculture company to introduce a stacked second-generation product, launching Bollgard II with Roundup Ready Flex cotton. The product provides farmers with the same benefits as Bollgard II, as well as the flexits Roundup Ready Flex technology.

Due to the success of Bollgard in India, in 2006 Bollgard® II –a double-gene technology-was approved by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, the Indian regulatory body for biotech crops.

Mahyco-Monsanto Biotech (MMB) - a 50:50 joint venture between Mahyco and Monsanto Holdings Pvt. Ltd. sub-licensed the Bollgard II and Bollgard technologies to more than 30 Indian seed companies.  Each Indian seed company has introduced the Bollgard technology into their own germplasm. Indian farmers now have a choice of over 300 Bt cotton hybrid seeds.  Bollgard is used by more than 6 million Indian  farmers.