Earth Day 2014

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Italy | Italia

Earth Day | Giornata della Terra

The DEKALB® brand in Italy brought AquaTEK to farmers in 2013 to collaborate on a systems approach to improve water management on corn farms. AquaTEK is a solution to educate and support farmers and use water in an efficient way in their fields. The project is a private-public partnership with Monsanto and Univeristy of Milan and Netafim.


Earth Day | Siku ya Dunia

In Tanzania, the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) partnership is aiming to improve farmers' understanding and management of soil health, improve access to food, and support initiatives that increase their economic opportunity.

United States

Earth Day

Farmers in the United States are adopting conservation tillage practices and planting cover crops to improve soil health and
productivity. Farmers also plant crops in buffers around fields to help with wildlife habitats, like this farmer in South Carolina, who plants sunflowers to provide habitat for doves.

Brazil | Brasil

Earth Day | Dia da Terra

The adoption of biotech traits by farmers in Brazil has led to significant reductions in water use and carbon dioxide emissions. For more than 10 years, farmers have saved more than 35 billion liters of water because of less use of agrochemicals, and more than 781,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved because of a reduction in diesel use due to fewer tractor passes in the field.

Source: Céleres Ambiental®
The Environmental Benefits of Agricultural biotechnology in Brazil: 1996/97 to 2012/13

Romania | România

Earth Day | Ziua Pământului

“If farmed with love and knowledge, this blessed land should give its ever-so-plentiful fruit not only to us and our children, but also to future generations. This should be the result of a complex way of thinking, in which the available - yet not unlimited - natural resources are put to use in an optimal way."

- Vasile Lungu, Farmer

Vietnam | Vit Nam

Earth Day | Ngày trái đất

In Vietnam, farmers are implementing rice-and-corn planting rotations. After rice harvest, farmers have to prepare the land for corn planting with a minimum tillage tool, which helps to reduce costs and labor and preserve soil in the rice-growing ecosystem.


Earth Day | Hari Bumi

Prior to 2009, most farmers in Indonesia utilized full tillage on their land, which required a lot of water and labor. Since 2009, the Government of Indonesia has partnered with NGOs and the private sector to promote conservation tillage, which reduces evaporation and soil erosion. By implementing this method, Indonesian farmers have been able to reduce water usage at planting up to one-third, enabling them to save money, time and labor and increase their income.